Atlas Steel Lockers

Our Atlas steel lockers are designed following years of experience installing and maintaining steel lockers, at unbelievable low prices!

Versatile, durable personal storage solution with an unbeatable price tag. Packed full of innovative features, our Atlas lockers overcome many of the limitations of other budget steel lockers to deliver outstanding security and toughness.

Unlike other budget lockers, every door has a full height reinforcement bar and metal corner stiffeners, which dramatically increases strength and stops the door from being easily bent or otherwise damaged. An internal four way frame further prevents the doors from being pushed inwards, improving the overall security of the unit and discouraging vandalism.

Installation is made exceptionally easy by a lightweight body and pre-drilled nesting holes. Once installed, Atlas lockers are also simple to maintain, with a unique quick change door system that allows damaged doors to be changed with nothing more than a soft mallet. An anti-bacterial paint finish also helps keep the lockers hygienic, and all models, except the 6 door, have door vents to improve air circulation.

On top of all this, Atlas steel lockers are designed to look great and function effectively in almost any environment. A choice of striking colours will ensure that the lockers enhance your existing décor, while a number of dimensions, including 2 popular depths, provide the perfect storage solution for any space.

For more information on our versatile Atlas steel lockers, please give us a call and speak to one of our expert advisers. 

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Fast Facts : Atlas Steel Lockers

All-steel construction with reinforced doors and tough powder coated finish.
Paint finish has antibacterial properties.
Each compartment is supplied with two keys.
Unique quick change door system that allows damaged doors to be changed easily.
Internal 4 way frame in each compartment to prevent doors being kicked/pushed in.
Full height reinforcement bar & metal corner stiffeners on each door increases strength.
Inset section to suit large number plates (58mm x 28mm).
1 & 2 door lockers come with a coat rail and 2 hooks.

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