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The 69th China Educational Equipment Exhibition

09 Dec 2015

The biannual Educational Equipment Exhibition is one of the most important industry events in China, with this 69th round based in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province and a vital economic centre of the region. Shanghai Mammoth, a subsidiary of Action Storage Systems Ltd., exhibited in conjunction with our distributor Aide Corporation.


Oldswinford CE Primary School

27 Mar 2015

Heald Place School were advised to replace their existing cloak hooks equipment with lockers storage for health and safety reasons. The school approached us after recommendation by another school for our Atlas Locker solution. They were particularly impressed by the quality of our Atlas Steel Lockers and the superb range of colours available for this range.


Heald Place Primary School

15 Apr 2015

After a successful locker installation for their year 5-6’s, Oldswinford Church of England Primary School returned to us to provide personal storage for their year 3-4’s. We have found that staggering the purchase of lockers by year group in this way is a highly effective method of tidying up any school within budget.


Hailey CE Primary School

03 Mar 2015

The school noticed that the increasing of pupils were putting greater pressure on their existing cloakroom facilities, and therefore approached us for a locker storage solution with quick turn around and in accordance with the budget.


Award Winning First Strokes Swim Schools

01 Mar 2015

Our eXtreme Plastic Lockers® ticked all of First Stroke Swim School’s requirement. The tough polyethylene construction ensures that they are exceptionally hard-wearing while remaining unaffected by a damp and chlorinated environment, they can also be power washed. Crucially, the lockers also had to be visually appealing, fitting into and enhancing the fun and relaxed environment that First Strokes has created.


Nottingham Free School

18 Feb 2015

This brand new secondary school has managed to install 32 of our 3 door Atlas steel lockers requested by their students – even without any dedicated locker budget. This lockers were installed in 4 different classrooms, each bank of lockers comprised of 2 colours, at no extra cost; blue and grey vertical stripes to match the school colour.


eXtreme locker installation in Jingdu Gym, Shanghai

15 Dec 2014

eXtreme Plastic Lockers selected by Jingdu Gym in Shanghai to replace traditional ABS plastic locker due to it’s a stronger and impact resistant qualities. In addition, we were able to supply the lockers in bespoke colours (orange and white) to match Jingdu Gym’s brand colours at a very small increase in the price.


Lockers solution for SEPG

02 Dec 2014

Bespoke locker solution based entirely on the needs of the Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group. One of the features was the use of a fixed combination lock for the compartments in the shoe storage area. Each lock can be programmed with a number chosen by the employee.


Donghua University, Shanghai

02 Dec 2014

Shanghai Mammoth was invited by Donghua University in Shanghai to provide a classroom locker solution for the personal effects of the students. As a result of various meetings and discussions, we have started a pilot scheme in Donghau University in Shanghai with our strong & attractive eXtreme Plastic Lockers.


The Exhibition at Beijing

15 Nov 2014

Shanghai Mammoth exhibited for the first time at the 2014 China Beijing International Modern Education Technology Exhibition. Our objective was to reach out to schools and colleges with three key products; eXtreme Plastic Lockers, Atlas Steel Lockers and LapCabby

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